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Our Story & Philosophy

From early childhood, I enjoyed sewing alongside my mom. Dolls and stuffed animals were my first projects and they were often sold to raise money for charities.


Fast-forwarding a few years after receiving my degree in accounting at Butler University I went on to work for a number of years in a large accounting firm as a Certified Public Account (CPA). During those college years, I found time to explore my passion for all things chocolate - the making of it as well as eating it. Upon the advice of one of my professors, I expanded on my chocolate love by opening my own storefront in Zionsville, leaving the corporate world behind. My three children grew up in that chocolate shop, often times working alongside me.  Some days, during those twenty-two years as sole proprietor of Ganache Chocolatier, I found time to pick up my love for sewing by making blankets and personalized bags. Initially, I sewed for my own family but once word got out my sewing skills served others as well. Bowl cozies, Minky scarves, table runners, napkins, hand towels, quilts, and blankets (to name a few) were often found sharing space in the shop. Each holiday offered an opportunity to try something different. Often times the sounds in the store were a symphony of chocolate churning machines as well as embroidery machines. Perfect world, for me.

In 2018 I decided it was time to explore even further my skills in sewing and embroidery. I had developed a deep enjoyment working with Batik and Minky fabrics. Time to close the chocolate shop and expand on my 'cottage' business by creating even more wonderfully unique items. My preference goes to blankets, hands down! There is something so magical in turning pieces of gorgeous fabric into blankets and quilts, adding my own personal touch and the joy of knowing they will be treasured by others. 


Thinking back, I've come full circle. I'm still sewing stuffed animals, as I did next to my mom as a young child, but I've expanded considerably, creating even more. Teaching has been added to my list of activities as well. Sharing the fun one experiences by putting together a project from beginning to end - there is something so special about doing that and helping others hone their own skills in the process. Add to that the desire to help others out when there is a need by being part of a local blanket ministry. The quilts we create and pass on mean so much to all. 

My mom and I still find time to sew together but that sewing circle has expanded. I'm looking forward to exploring further this all-things-fabric passion of mine.

I thought to myself, why (k)not sew?  :-) 

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